Hi!  I’m Jamie.  I am the mom to five beautiful daughters and two bonus sons. I am 39 years old and have spent 10 years of my life pregnant and breastfeeding (so far!). I started this site to help other moms navigate breastfeeding and exclusively pumping as well as tube feeding and nutrition.  We are a family of true celiac and my passion is mothering and nutrition… so this seemed like a great fit.

My journey as an exclusive pumper started with the birth of Elizabeth Joy at only 26 weeks gestation.  She weighed in at 830grams/ 1lb 13oz and was a tiny 13″ long. From the beginning, I anticipated pumping during her NICU stay and then getting her on breast around her due date. Things did not go as planned! I fought to keep Elizabeth off any kind of bovine fortification (anyone with a preemie knows how hard the DRs push for fortification). For a few weeks, Elizabeth received Prolact+ H2MF which is a fortifier made of highly concentrated human milk- no additives.  (I have since donated over 2500oz of milk to Prolacta.) And for two weeks, she received a small amount of MCT oil to appease the Drs. I still feel strongly that the oil wasn’t necessary- she’s always had a decent weight gain.  As time went on, Elizabeth didn’t learn to eat orally so we came home after 88 days with a NG tube.  Three weeks later, she went back for surgery to have a g-tube placed in her stomach.  Today, she is 100% g-tube fed.  I am still pumping full time for her and she still receives 100% mamas milk with no fortification.  This has been a long hard won battle!  Pumping didn’t come easy… it was the perfect firestorm that usually leads to discontinuation of breastfeeding (yes, exclusive pumping is still breastfeeding!). But, with perseverance (that stubbornness of mine paid off!) we are still at it with a decent milk supply.

This journey has been so incredibly different from my nursing journeys.  I almost lost hope more than once! I almost gave up!  Some days I want to quit. But we pump on! I hope our story can encourage you.