A Vegan Blend…

We are omnivores around here– which means there is room for vegetarian and vegan meals in our lives.  We aim to eat at least half our plates in produce at every meal! Today, I decided to try beans in Lizzie’s blend for the first time! I’m also letting go of the calorie counting mentality… so…

I add some rice (about a cup)

I added some pinto beans (about 1/2 cup)

I added a banana, some blueberries, a really big handful of spinach, a few baby carrots, and half an avocado.

Then I added in some beet kvass (maybe half cup) and about two cups rice milk.

Before blending I added sea salt, No Salt (for potassium), and vitamin d– no extra probiotics since I used the beet kvass.  (This is the 48oz blender jar for our Vitamix.  The total blend resulted in close to 30oz today which is a little high for Elizabeth- I will have to run the pump longer today to get it all in!).


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