Adaptive Clothing & Bolus Feeding

We are always in search of adaptive clothing that will make our life easier with a feeding tube. Last year, I supported a Kickstarter campaign for Tubesies– a bodysuit made for easy access to the feeding tube (G-Tube or GJ-Tube). Because Elizabeth is small and a slow grower, she can still wear her original Tubesies– yay for long lasting clothes!

Elizabeth has been back on continuous feeds for the last several weeks due to retching and volume tolerance issues.  Today we are trying bolus feeding again… wish us luck!

I made two blends today: GF oats cooked in rice milk with butter and honey plus banana and blueberries blended with rice milk.  Her second blend is GF pasta with chicken and mixed veggies and some coconut oil blended with rice milk.

Here’s our little cutie showing off how her Tubesies bodysuit allows easy access to her g-tube button!  (We did not received any compensation for this post- just a gtube family sharing what works for us!).

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