Two Steps Forward… One step back.

We’ve been working on bolus syringe feeding for the last couple weeks.  Elizabeth was doing well– tolerating as much as 2-3oz in one sitting.  I was still spending all day feeding her, but the freedom to have her off the pump (and backpack) during the day was worth it!  Yesterday, our darling started retching every time I fed her- we couldn’t even get half an ounce in before she would cough, gag, retch.

So… back to the pump we went.  So far she’s doing fine on the pump.  I have a suspicion that her reaction was due to the addition of peanut butter into her diet. In the past, every time we’ve tried to add nuts or seeds, Elizabeth hasn’t done well. It had been a couple months since we tried AND Elizabeth has played with peanut butter during feeding therapy- so I was hopeful she’d be able to tolerate it. It can be challenging to get all the calories Elizabeth needs in the volume she can handle without dairy, nuts, or seeds and limited oils.

I’m giving her a break from bolus for a few days– then we will trial again once the peanut butter has cleared her system.

Known safe foods:

Rice, quinoa, turkey, chicken, ground beef, carrots, spinach, banana, avocado, pumpkin, blueberry, Udi’s GF granola, Pamela’s GF Whenever Bars, coconut oil, olive oil, butter/ghee.

Next week we will trial apple again.

We’ve been taking things REALLY slow as we reintroduce foods– she has a sensitive GI system and when we go quickly it’s hard to know exactly what is affecting her!

Right now, she’s not puking or retching and her stool is semi formed (and 2-3 times daily).  These are good signs!



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