Real Food for Toddlers Blended Plan One

I am currently batch preparing food for eight days and then blending one meal at a time.  This is the simplest way for me to make sure Elizabeth is getting a varied diet throughout the day.  She has volume tolerance issues and a lot of food intolerances.

Why eight days? Because I put 2oz of meat into each meal and I cook one pound at a time, so it naturally divides into 8 meals.  I like to keep it simple!


One Pamelas GF Whenever Bar (chocolate) and 1/2 banana (Add 4-6oz organic rice milk when blending).  I add vitamin D and probiotics to breakfast.


1 small sweet potato cooked in butter and iodized sea salt, 1/2 cup spinach cooked in chicken fat, & 2 oz ground beef. (add 6 oz rice milk when blending)


1/2 cup cooked brown rice with olive oil, 1/4 of a small squash (I did half zucchini and half yellow squash) cooked in coconut oil and No Salt (for potassium) and 2 oz chicken dark meat (I cooked the spinach for the lunches in the same pan after cooking the chicken).  Add 6oz rice milk at blending.

Elizabeth tolerated these meals VERY well.  I am able to give her 3-4oz in about 20 minutes followed by an ounce of warm water.  Breakfast makes about 6oz so I give her the rest for a morning snack.  Lunch and dinner blend to 8-10oz so she gets a meal followed by a larger snack.  I’m still feeding her 6x daily now– but I am seeing her tolerance increase slightly every few days– my hope is we will get to the point of doing 4 meals a day which feels more typical.



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