Real Food via G-Tube

If you’ve read through this site, you are probably aware that I do not plan to feed Elizabeth formulas.  Just because she has a feeding tube, doesn’t mean she should exist on a diet of corn syrup and vitamins.  Our plan is to transition from breastmilk to a real food, blended diet over the next several months.  I’ve started giving Elizabeth one bolus feeding of real food a day- similar to what I would be doing if she was an oral eater.  She’s had exposure to lots of foods by now- licking and tasting them over the last couple months. Now, I mix up a purée of one or two foods and add her vitamins, MCT or avocado oil, and probiotics.  She then receives this via a syringe into the feeding tube. I am able to give her this food much quicker than her milk.  Right now she gets 30-45 mls of food and she is tolerating that well.  I plan to add a second “meal” around dinner time in the next few days. At this point, I am not decreasing her breastmilk at all- I just plan the bolus feed for in between her milk feedings.



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