My Whole 30 Journey So Far…

This round hasn’t been too difficult.  Likely that’s because I’ve done whole 30’s several times in the past and I don’t eat a lot of junk food as a norm anyway… although, since little m=Miss Elizabeth Joy was born, I’ve had a little too much sugar. I digress…

I keep things pretty simple- rotating veggies and proteins.  I’m finding that most days I only eat twice with an occasional snack somewhere in the day.  I’m usually fine with just my bullet proof coffee until around 10:30 or 11 when I have sweet potato or squash with whatever leftover protein is in the fridge.  Dinner is another round of veggies and protein. It works because it’s simple.  I don’t have time to make fancy dishes… not with seven kids at home including a g-tube fed baby and exclusively pumping to feed her!

My supply is holding up okay– when I dropped to three pumps per day, I went down to about 26 ounces per day.  This is enough to feed Elizabeth since she’s a low volume baby.  The first few days of the Whole 30, I dropped to 21 ounces and that freaked me out!  So, I added extra carbs in the way of sweet potato and squash.  Now, I’m back up to around 26 ounces per day which means I can freeze a bag every other day… my goal is still to stop pumping around Elizabeth’s actual birthday of June 6th and then be able to feed her mamas milk until her adjusted birthday of Sept. 9th.

Here are some of my meals so far–


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