Nipple Lubes

Y’all this is real life… baby is getting a tube feeding.  Mama is pumping… and we are surrounded by  baby “stuff”.

Here’s the thing. Whether you exclusively pump, exclusively nurse, or a combination, those nipples are going to need some love.  Here’s the lowdown on keeping your nipples happy and healthy.

Meet coconut oil- your new BFF. Seriously. Best thing ever.  I applied before every pumping session (on nipples and lubed the flanges for easy gliding).  I applied after nursing when I was feeling a little raw… and I applied in combination with probiotic powder anytime I questioned thrush or wanted to improve babies gut health (especially while in the NICU- probiotics every pump session!).

Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter- and I do mean BUTTAH’, it’s that lovely.  When my nipples got tired of coconut oil around eight months of exclusive pumping- it became my new BFF.  I also love this product for all around happy nipples while breastfeeding.  Rub a little on in between  nursing or pumping sessions.

Lanolin- this isn’t a product I really care for… I know lots of mamas use it and it’s handed out at hospitals and by LC’s everywhere… I just think there are so many other awesome products so why go there.

A little note about pumping- you need to LUBE THOSE FLANGES every single time.  Coconut oil is awesome- olive or avocado oil work as well.  I prefer coconut because it’s solid until warm so easier to manage. Because I believe in healthy oils, I wouldn’t recommend using any “vegetable” or canola oils.


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